DMA Signs has been designing and building beautiful signage for all industry sectors for over thirty-five years.

The business has earned its reputation for providing design-led solutions on time and to budget and places great importance on working closely with the end user, in partnership with architects and designers, or through building contractors and property agents.

Working with Causeway Enhance they have been able to target major construction contractors with their flexible, well-engineered and cost-effective offering.

Having worked with Causeway Enhance for approaching 10 years, we spoke to Managing Director, Paul Lovelock to learn more about their experience.


Growing success with Causeway Enhance

DMA Signs has a long-standing relationship with Causeway Enhance. Using our 15-year expert knowledge of the construction marketplace, we have supported DMA Signs to make introductions and generate enquiry drawings and bills of quantities that are then passed down to their field sales team. Paul Lovelock, Managing Director of DMA Signs said:

“Finding the enquires is the hard part and that’s what Causeway Enhance offers. Over the years their team has worked hard to get our name out there, which has resulted in us winning some great projects within the construction sector.”

As building a relationship with each prospective customer takes time, we have helped DMA Signs nurture potential customer relationships until they are ready to purchase, something that their business has seen great value in:

“Year-on-year we are seeing more success and for our money, their support generates around 3-4 enquires per week for our business,” added Paul.


Reconnecting DMA signs with past customers

In addition to generating new enquires, DMA Signs also reached out to Causeway Enhance for retargeting services.

DMA Signs have struggled with retaining customers due to the project-by-project nature of the construction industry. Paul and his team wanted to retarget specific contractors (former customers) that the company has a good relationship with.

“Causeway Enhance has supported us to build strong relationships and maintain continuity with contractors.

“As we are category A with some of the larger construction contractors, we can send Causeway Enhance lists of their projects and they can get in touch with them on our behalf – it makes the sales approach much more efficient and really gives us a competitive edge,” explained Paul.

Reengaging with past customers has allowed DMA Signs to reconnect with businesses that have already shown an interest in their services and therefore, may be more likely to purchase again in future.


Tailored campaigns to meet your key business objectives

Reflecting on the work Causeway Enhance does, Paul highlighted a contract that DMA Signs won with Multiplex called “Old Street Yard”.

Old Street Yard is a new public courtyard within the heart of East London’s Tech City. Paul noted that the process of getting on the Multiplex supply chain was “difficult” due to competition and that Causeway Enhance’s telemarketing and networking efforts helped to make the win happen!

Praising Causeway Enhance for its “people-first” approach to telemarketing, Paul said:

“I’ve used a lot of business development companies, and Causeway Enhance is one of the best – it works!”

At Causeway Enhance we are passionate about building long-lasting customer relationships and do not use structured scripts. We work with DMA Signs to develop key talking points to be discussed.

If you are interested in hearing how you can achieve the same results for your business? See how Causeway Enhance could make an instant difference to your business by booking a 30-minute demonstration here.



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