Graham is an employee-owned construction solutions partner that provides general contracting, design-build, construction management and public-private partnership (P3) services to the buildings, industrial, and infrastructure sectors in Canada and the United States.

They were facing challenges in on-boarding, managing and maintaining a supply chain of nearly 3000 trades. Despite having a supplier management solution in place, they were having difficulties with the inflexibility of the system and the challenge of working with suppliers over a vast geographic area. In addition, there was an inconsistency in the way trades were being qualified across different business functions.

Graham turned to Causeway's Supplier Management solution, which allowed them to significantly increase the efficiency of their accreditation processes through its integration and configuration capabilities.

Dan Radu, Supply Chain Manager at Graham, said of the partnership with Causeway, "The Causeway team didn’t just do the implementation for us. They taught us to do it ourselves. It’s like the old adage ‘teach a man to fish’ - we know the system in-and-out ourselves now. And if we have a problem, it gets looked at immediately. The response time is amazing."

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Supplier Management is an online system for the management of suppliers and subcontractors to improve the efficiency and reduce the risk of accrediting and managing a supply chain, whilst helping to select the best accredited suppliers based on a range of criteria. Learn more.

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