Morgan Sindall are a well-established main contractor, delivering construction and regeneration projects across the UK for the public, commercial and regulated sectors. The business has been using Causeway Tradex to manage e-invoicing for over 10 years.

After successfully onboarding their supply chain to Causeway Tradex, Morgan Sindall has strengthened supplier relationships ensuring a smooth adoption process and prompt payment.

Invoices are now received from suppliers in seconds rather than days later which ensures payment is made with no delay. Suppliers are also empowered to log into the Causeway Tradex portal to surface their own payment status. Since implementation, Morgan Sindall have benefitted from huge time savings; removing manual processes and the need for double entry, and are on a continuous journey to improve their processes through digitalisation. 

Learn more about Morgan Sindall's journey with Causeway Tradex by watching the short video below.


In our most recent video case study, Chris Harrison, the Business Manager of Hanson Contracting, discusses the company's success with Causeway Commercial Management (also referred to as Project Accounting or CPA). Hanson Contracting is a road surfacing company that works on various contracts, including national highways and turn maintenance contracts for local authorities.

With 15 years as a Causeway customer, Causeway Commercial Management plays a central role in Hanson's commercial processes. They utilise it to track costs across contracts, starting from purchase orders to payments.

It effectively handles tasks such as labour timesheets, payroll, and subcontract management.


Causeway Commercial Management has provided Hanson Contracting with greater commercial control, enabling them to reconcile costs with revenue. Previously, relying on spreadsheets resulted in fragmented data and manual input, which had a negative impact on job performance and commercial decision-making.

Chris highlights the advantages of Causeway Commercial Management, stating: “one of the key benefits of using Causeway is the greater commercial control we have over our contracts, understanding our cost versus our value is vitally important to us. So, the greater analytics that Causeway Project Accounting offers us really gives us a strong opportunity to push our own contract margin up to the next level.”



Customer Name: Hanson

Industry: Building Materials Manufacturer

Causeway Solution:

Causeway Commercial Management



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