Causeway Technologies is reporting a surge in the uptake of its Estimating software solution, with multiple contracts signed in June alone. According to Senior Solutions Manager Amanda Reynolds, this is a trend that’s likely to continue as businesses respond to changing market needs.

June 2022 saw a record number of companies subscribe to Causeway Estimating including GW Highways, a Term Services contractor based in the Southeast; Intium Construction, a family-owned construction services company based in Staffordshire; and George Innes, a construction company located in Moray, Scotland.

All are SME’s and first-time subscribers to Causeway Estimating. According to Amanda Reynolds, they share another thing in common: the need to drive efficiencies into the estimating process. “Estimators are exceptionally busy at the moment and need to create efficiencies but in way that’s not going to expose them to risk.

“The construction industry is also changing with Estimators needing to quickly adapt and consider other elements; with more of them moving away from the traditional spreadsheet approach and looking for a solution specifically developed for the built environment.”

Causeway Estimating is a tool that helps contractors and subcontractors optimise the bidding and tendering process by providing access to data including fully resourced libraires with rates in a secure but accessible central location to enable easy integration of users’ own historic data to eliminate duplication of effort. The suite is available in a choice of bundles to suit different requirements, with options including an integrated CAD/BIM Measure tool supporting rapid take-off and measurement.

Significantly, Alan Murray, owner at George Innes, had worked with Causeway earlier in his career and made the switch in order to streamline the bid process and free up his own time for other responsibilities.

At George Innes, owner Alan Murray had worked with Causeway earlier in his career and made the switch in order to streamline the bid process and free up his own time for other responsibilities.

Development of Causeway Estimating is a continuous process, as Amanda Reynolds explains. “We work with clients to ascertain requirements. We then look at how we can develop the software, and ensure we keep our finger on the pulse of their key issues. What are the things slowing you down? How can we make things more efficient? Causeway is a company that’s completely focused on construction, we understand the language, we understand what they’re trying to achieve, we understand the built environment.

“We also have the ability to change and adapt. As an example, one customer had an immediate requirement to capture not just the financial costs but also the carbon costs of projects. We immediately made a change to enable them to capture embodied carbon cost against resources and that ability has been rolled out to all customers. The next step in that road map is to link in with an industry standard database of verified carbon costs.”

“We have a large team dedicated solely to developing our estimating software which is absolutely vital because we’re partnering with an industry that never stands still.”

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