Causeway Technologies is delighted to announce that JNP Group, a leading engineering consultancy, has significantly expanded its adoption of our advanced drainage design solution, Causeway Flow and SmartTools. This expansion follows the successful rollout in JNP's Glasgow office and demonstrates the growing demand for innovative and efficient design tools within the engineering industry.

JNP Group is renowned for delivering high-quality engineering consultancy services, providing expertise in civil engineering projects across various sectors. Their commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into their workflows has made them a trusted partner in the industry. 

Initially, JNP held a single license in their Glasgow office, which doubled in less than a year due to rising demand. As the Glasgow team became more efficient, it became evident to other UK offices that Causeway’s design solution was enabling the Glasgow team to design faster and more cost-effectively compared to what they were using. Recognising this, their Managing Director approached Causeway to discuss further integrating the solution across all UK offices. 

During their trial phase, JNP's engineers identified a potential enhancement within the SmartTools module that could optimise their workflow. Demonstrating our commitment to user feedback, Causeway promptly updated our product roadmap, addressing the shortcoming and enhancing our offering. Impressed by our responsiveness and the improvements made, JNP decided to move forward, resulting in a remarkable 250% uplift in their licence pool while reducing costs. 

To ensure JNP maximises the benefits of their new drainage design solution, their dedicated account manager Yalda Majdabadi ran orientation sessions for over 15 engineers across their UK offices. These sessions aim to familiarise the users with Causeway Flow, SmartTools, and Overland Flow, enabling them to leverage the full capabilities of our solutions. 

Causeway remains dedicated to collaborating closely with JNP Group, guiding our product roadmap based on their valuable feedback. Alongside the orientation sessions, we established a user group with selected superusers to continually refine and enhance our offerings, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of our clients. 

Yalda Majdabadi, Senior Account Manager at Causeway, expressed her enthusiasm: "We are delighted to extend our collaboration with JNP. Integrating Causeway Flow and SmartTools into their UK offices reinforces our commitment to delivering solutions that help them reach their objectives. This partnership highlights our dedication to promptly addressing customer feedback." 

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