Dartford-based OCO Ltd is a specialist mechanical and electrical contractor.

"We first engaged with Causeway in 2016 and have migrated our business onto Vixen, although using the system to its full potential has been a slow process." explains OCO Ltd’s Operations Director, John Moore.

“By our own admission, we were not the most technologically advanced company in 2016, often preferring a spanner and a screwdriver as the chosen tools for our trade. But with the continued growth of the business, we knew that we needed to implement a uniform purchase order (PO) system and recognised the need to capture all job costs within one central platform."

"We were initially hesitant, as any transition from our paper-based purchasing system appeared very challenging. This was until it was suggested that the Tradex integration with one of our main suppliers was a viable solution. It seems to be exactly what we were looking for – giving greater efficiency by enabling our operatives to order parts themselves directly from site whilst allowing us to still maintain financial control."

From a PO and job costing perspective Vixen will enable OCO Ltd to digitise processes, and avoid the accounts department manually keying-in and validating supplier invoice information into Vixen. This was why John was introduced to Causeway's Tradex e-invoicing solution and its seamless Vixen integration.

"The inefficiency of manually inputting supplier invoices into Vixen is something that OCO Ltd could no longer ignore. Our Causeway Account Manager understood the growing challenge this was creating and, after showing us the benefits of Tradex, we are now looking forward to completing the solution integration."

Once the integration is complete, OCO Ltd will be able to trade electronically for the submission of POs and the receipt of invoices. Invoices received from OCO Ltd's suppliers will no longer need to be re-keyed into Vixen; invoices within Tradex will be automatically validated against POs and then imported into Vixen.

“The level of service that has been extended by the Causeway team to OCO Ltd so far on this integration project has cemented our confidence in Causeway and strengthened our partnership moving forward.”

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