South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) has chosen to renew and expand their existing contract with our enterprise-grade connected asset and service management platform, Causeway Alloy.

This seven-year agreement not only reaffirms our long-term partnership but also expands our collaboration into new service areas.

Causeway has been a trusted software provider to SGC for several years, enhancing their operational efficiency and frontline services. SGC required a solution that could manage multiple service areas and assets in one place, accessible via both the web and app, and configurable for use on mobile devices, tablets, and in-cab technology. Causeway Alloy's proven efficiency and adaptability made it the natural choice for expansion into new areas.

SGC will continue to use Causeway Alloy for managing their Highways, Drainage, and Street Lighting assets. The expansion will include Parks & Open Spaces and Street Cleansing.



Causeway Alloy has been designed with the following key features:

  • Built specifically for the web, ensuring a seamless user experience for both back office and in-cab/mobile users, without relying on cumbersome on-premise systems. 
  • Delivers ‘out of the box’ blueprints that can be easily customised, ensuring best practice adoption.
  • Offers a secure and open API, the Restful Alloy API, which delivers unlimited access to your complete dataset. This enables powerful integrations that can truly transform service delivery.
  • Future-proof design with Alloy Mesh, enabling integration with IoT devices, sensors, and third-party systems. This enables real-time monitoring of asset condition, automatic triggering of activities based on remote device reporting and other data sources.

Causeway Alloy empowers SGC with a modern, flexible platform for rapid digital transformation. Users at all levels gain valuable insights for better decision-making, improving lives within the community.

We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with South Gloucestershire Council, driving efficiency and innovation in asset and service management.

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