Tarmac, a CRH company, is the UK's leading supplier of sustainable construction materials, road contracting and building products. Their award-winning OneCard system is a Causeway SkillGuard solution that digitally captures information on drivers' credentials, training history and key qualifications.


The challenge


Tarmac's previous paper-based management system was outdated and no longer met the needs of the business, its customers, or contractors. The system was inefficient, requiring manual checks of multiple cards and documents to verify driver credentials, training history, and qualifications.


The solution


Tarmac implemented the OneCard system, an award-winning Causeway SkillGuard solution, to address these challenges. The OneCard is a unique photo ID that digitally captures all necessary information about a driver's credentials, training history, and key qualifications in one place. This system ensures drivers are fully compliant with necessary legislation and enhances the efficiency of site safety checks and supply chain operations.


“We didn't want to take a small step forward; this had to be a transformational leap. The OneCard system really delivers.”


- John Anderson, National Head of Logistics, Tarmac


The result


The OneCard system has significantly transformed Tarmac's operations. By consolidating all driver information into a single card, it has eliminated the need for multiple cards and reduced administrative burdens. This has sped up processes, making it quicker and easier to verify driver credentials.


The system also allows for data-driven decisions, providing high visibility and assurance regarding driver competencies and site inductions. This results in improved quality and competency assurance for customers and improved confidence in the system and the drivers.


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