TOBIN Consulting Engineers, a leading engineering consultancy based in Ireland, has recently announced its adoption of Causeway Flow as its preferred software for drainage design. 

Following a thorough research phase, TOBIN narrowed its options to Causeway Flow and another software provider. Upon testing and trying out both solutions, their team concluded that Causeway Flow’s cloud-based licensing model, software functionalities, and performance were superior to the other solution in every aspect.

By transitioning away from a legacy drainage design system, TOBIN can enhance its productivity in this area and further cement its reputation as a trusted partner for infrastructure development projects.

Causeway Flow is a comprehensive hydraulic modelling package that offers a complete solution for designing and analysing drainage networks. Developed with a focus on robustness and intuitiveness, TOBIN is future-proofing its workforce by investing in innovative technology that offers advanced features for modelling and simulating hydraulic systems. This software will enable TOBIN's engineers to accurately assess and make informed decisions about their designs, resulting in optimal and compliant drainage schemes.

Furthermore, Causeway Flow fully supports Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) analysis and design, aligning perfectly with TOBIN's commitment to sustainability. With this investment in innovative technology, TOBIN is well-positioned to remain at the forefront of the industry and deliver high-quality drainage solutions to its clients.

Brent Olivier, Senior Solution Manager at Causeway, said: 

“Sustainable urban drainage systems are an increasingly important part of the built environment. TOBIN is demonstrating its leadership by upgrading to a next-generation software for sustainable urban drainage systems. This decision aligns with their business goals, and we are thrilled to collaborate with them."

Is the renewal of your drainage design software coming up? It’s time to pull the plug and switch to Causeway Flow. Contact a member of our team here.

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