This on-demand demo webinar is an in-depth look at the key Causeway Estimating features.

You will also get an overview of Causeway eTender, a web-based digital tendering and bidding system for contractors and sub-contractors. It allows you to automate the entire tendering process, from sending an enquiry, to receiving the bid.


Cloud-based estimating tools such as Causeway Estimating and eTender allow you to work more easily, more quickly, and more intuitively. Our software has been built by Estimators for Estimators, which has allowed us to focus on giving you the features that matter.

You can import a Bill of Quantities received from a client via Excel sheet straight into Causeway Estimating without having to format anything. Our CAD/BIMMeasure tool means you'll always have 100% accurate measurements to work from. You can work in a way that suits you, with the options to quickly build estimates using industry-standard pricing indices, as well as your own previous work

Once implemented, Causeway Estimating could reduce your time spent on take-off by 40%, giving you more time to add value as an Estimator. 

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