If you work in Cost Planning, this webinar is a must watch. A follow on from this recent RICS webinar, join Tim Cook as he shows you the detail of what makes CATO such a comprehensive tool. From feasibility estimates to CAD/BIMMeasure and cashflow forecasting, we've got you covered. 

What's to expect: 

  • An overview of Causeway including a company background and history in the industry.  
  • Recap of what Mark Williams from MACE discussed in the RICS webinar.
  • Delve into the detail of CATO and how it can be used to achieve benefits including:
  1. Having one single source of truth for your historic cost data, giving you data confidence 
  2. Surfacing your cost data for benchmarking and early-stage cost planning
  3. Developing your cost data through the cost planning stages incorporating automated BIM take off


Intrigued by what you've seen in this video? Learn more about CATO.

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