Causeway Technologies is pleased to welcome ARC Build plc, A R Kennedy Ltd, and Great Yarmouth Ceilings Ltd to CATO CADMeasure and P&Y Commercial Consultants to the CATO Essentials Bundle.

Causeway Technologies would also like to congratulate existing customers Cushman & Wakefield, Denbighshire Council, Independent Quantity Surveyors Limited and QS Solutions Limited for switching to the CATO Essentials Bundle and gaining access to the full CATO software suite.

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ARC Build plc, A R Kennedy Ltd, Great Yarmouth Ceilings Ltd on-board with CATO CADMeasure

Deciding to adopt a robust measurement system, ARC Build plc, A R Kennedy, Great Yarmouth Ceilings Ltd decided to on-board with CATO CADMeasure to streamline their working techniques and become more efficient. The companies have all reported that their timeframes have halved with CATO CADMeasure, which:

  • Supports CAD (DWG, DWF), PDF, Image files & BIM files (IFC, DWF – with BIMMeasure add-on)
  • Integrates directly with NRM1Cost Planning module
  • Integrates directly with NRM2 or SMM7 Bill
  • Is fully supported by UK and UAE helpdesks

P&Y Commercial Consultants opts for CATO Essentials Bundle

P&Y Commercial Consultants wanted to put a system for measurement and bill production in place, and opted for the CATO Essentials Bundle. They had previously been using Excel for BQ production and decided that a more accurate, less time-consuming method was needed in order for their bill production to keep up with the growth of their business. Impressed at how easily and efficiently the CATO modules integrated, P&Y Commercial Consultants opted to on-board with CATO through the CATO Essentials Bundle.

Existing CATO customers move to the CATO Essentials Bundle

Cushman & Wakefield, Denbighshire Council, Independent Quantity Surveyors Limited, QS Solutions Limited, all previously CATO customers, recently opted to switch to our subscription model of offering CATO software. The CATO Essentials Bundle provides the entire core CATO Suite for day-to-day cost management tasks, and includes all of the following software: BIMMeasure, Cost Planning, Take Off and Billing, QuickEst, Document Viewer, Rates module, CashFlow, Document Register, Project Controls, Whole Life Costing, Cost Management, Measurement Scheduler, and NRM 1 & 2 Libraries.

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