FP McCann Limited and Causeway Technologies are delighted to announce that StormBrake™ vortex control is now fully integrated within Causeway’s advanced Flow drainage design and analysis software.

This addition provides drainage designers and engineers with one of the most cutting-edge tools in the industry for achieving optimal design outcome and return on investment by simplifying the hydraulic modelling process.

The StormBrake™ vortex flow control device is a proven and established product ideal for meeting the discharge requirements of new and existing developments. The passive operation of the WRc Approved™ StormBrake™ coupled with larger inlet and outlet clearances compared to traditional orifice flow controls, reduces the risk of blockages occurring, increases reliability, and decreases maintenance costs across its life cycle. The performance of each StormBrake™ is tailored to suit the specific requirements for each site, including minimising upstream storage capacity or the ability to retrofit to existing drainage networks.

Cost Efficiency

The key advantage of StormBrake™ is cost efficiency. Rather than sourcing individual drainage components from different manufacturers, FP McCann provides the full drainage package – from collection to controlled release. When StormBrake™ is considered as part of a full drainage specification, significant savings can be achieved while still maintaining high levels of performance optimisation.

The improved management strategy that comes with specifying the full drainage package significantly reduces lead times, negates issues of component compatibility and promotes logical delivery sequencing to minimise temporary storage on site. Using Flow’s SWMM 5 based 1D dynamic wave routing method, the hydraulic behavior of the auto-designed StormBrake™ optimal flow control can now be simulated and tested whilst fully integrated with the entire drainage system. This offers design engineers the capability to fine-tune their designs based on their priorities, such as achieving reduction in building cost, maintainability, maximise drainage-lifecycle as well as allowing designers to deliver compliant designs based on UK regulatory requirements.

Offering his thoughts on the integration, Gareth Robinson, Chief Engineer - Hydraulics at FP McCann, commented: “Historically, FP McCann has developed a close working relationship with civil engineering contractors by tackling many of the practical issues associated with onsite construction. The addition of StormBrake™ to Flow demonstrates our desire to provide the same practical, cost effective solutions to designers by enabling them to easily and efficiently access the performance characteristics necessary for design. We see the new partnership with the Flow team at Causeway Technologies as a fundamental pathway for delivering accelerated access to FP McCann products, for StormBrake™ and our wider product portfolio in the future.”

Netsanet Mebrate, Product Owner at Causeway Technologies added, “We see this as the foundation of a blossoming strategic partnership with FP McCann Limited – one that exhibits our resolve to deliver high-quality and innovative technology to our rapidly-growing customer base. The automation of the StormBrake™ flow control within Flow will provide additional vortex based flow control options to our customers and will accelerate the design process of any drainage system requiring similar flow control. This provides further evidence of both our unwavering commitment to delivering high quality drainage design software, and our ambitions to achieve new heights of distinction for our customers.”

To demomstrate the power of this integration, we will be delivering a joint webinar in collaboration with FP McCann to show you how exactly you can design StormBrake™ flow controls within Flow V8.0. Taking place at 12pm (GMT) on Tuesday 22nd January 2019, the webinar will explore a number of areas, from fine-tuning the head and discharge relationship to achieve an optimal surface water drainage design, to specifying multiple StormBrake™ devices in the same location at varying depths.

To book your place on the webinar or for more information on the agenda, visit the registration page. For more information on Causeway Flow, visit our dedicated Causeway Flow bundles page.

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