Causeway Flow is a new, competitively priced, easy to use drainage design package introduced to give an alternative to the complexity of existing cumbersome software. As such, it is ideal for civil engineers who do not have a drainage design solution or wish to expand their capacity with a fast return on investment.

Delivered on a subscription basis with no upfront capital cost, Causeway Flow is a complete package that can be used on a stand-alone basis or integrated with Causeway Professional Design Suite (PDS). Simple and intuitive to learn, users are typically up and running in a couple of hours, with productivity gains of 25% or more.

It contains all of the core tools needed to complete an adoptable drainage design. Storage design can be included in the overall scheme or structures can be modelled individually – or as part of a storage cascade.

Causeway Flow incorporates a number of key features to support fast, efficient drainage design. These include tabulated data with tightly integrated graphics, as well as automatic calculation of pipe slopes, velocities and diameters - with all values easily visible for verification and editing.

Previous spreadsheet implementations have been constrained by following the old linear hand-calculation. In Flow the network is defined as a series of nodes and links, which removes the requirement for engineers to learn a pipe numbering system. This means that pipes can be entered in any order and moved around as required.

Simulation networks are finalised in the same application as the design, allowing for a seamless feedback cycle as the scheme is refined. A range of flow controls can be modelled along with the online and off-line storage and additional losses. Flow will analyse a range of storm durations as standard, identifying the critical duration at each node eliminating the risk of designing for the wrong storm.

Results are exported to Excel to enable the creation of custom reports and the model can be exchanged with other applications. Integration with Causeway PDS adds full CAD-based 2D setting out and drawing generation.

For further information and to sign up to a 7-day trial, visit the Flow page.

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