Causeway Tradex has sponsored this year’s e-Invoicing: Digitisation & Automation report by Billentis.



The 158-page report, provides invaluable information for organisations that have recognised the benefits of replacing costly, paper-based trading documents with modern, automated processes.

Written by an independent expert in the field, it provides not just facts but also qualitative details, evaluation and views about specific products. For example, the flexible connection methods for trading partners in Tradex– making supplier on boarding very straightforward- are highlighted as a differentiating factor.

Building on data revealed in previous versions, the 2016 report notes that the transition from paper to electronic trading too often occurs in small steps and organisations vary considerably in how many steps they have already taken. For instance, whilst the public sector is responsible for 16 – 18% of purchases in most countries, only about 5% of these are processed using electronic trading solutions.

It also observes that inaccurate information in B2B invoices is a major reason for delays in the processing of invoices. However, whilst acknowledging that optimising invoice processes through e-invoicing is important, the report also notes that this represents only around one third of the total potential. Bringing the full purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash process to the foreground is the key to enhancing business agility, it suggests.

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Download the full report to learn about:
  • The growing adoption of e-Invoicing
  • How to adapt to new e-Invoicing developments
  • Digitisation & Automation
  • The business case for e-Invoicing adoption
  • Successful e-Invoicing implementation
  • e-Invoicing opportunities
  • Overview of major e-Invoicing providers

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