Charter Housing Association, a long-term user of Causeway Vixen Service & Maintenance, has now integrated Telematics vehicle tracking into its service fleet.

Based in Newport, Charter Housing Association provides a wide range of affordable homes across South East Wales and is committed to maintaining its properties to a high standard. Maintenance is carried out by a team of mobile operatives, managed through Vixen Service & Maintenance. When the maintenance team was extended recently the Association decided to integrate Telematics fleet management with Vixen, equipping its 48 vehicles with Telematics trackers. The integration between Vixen and Telematics enables Charter Housing to use live location data directly within Vixen to assist with efficient scheduling of field-based staff. As well as maximising the use of these skilled staff and helping improve response times for customers, the new system will help Charter Housing to minimise journey distances and fuel consumption. Causeway Telematics also incorporates a Fleet Monitor, which provides live vehicles trails and route histories, to further aid fleet managers. Discover more on Causeway Telematics and Causeway Vixen.

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