Highways England, the government owned company responsible for managing England’s core road network has awarded a contract to Yotta. Covering a range of software and professional services, the new two-year contract includes licences for Yotta’s highway asset management platform Horizons, which is branded by Highways England as PIT, their Programme Investment tool.

Highways England, formerly the Highways Agency, originally awarded a contract to a consortium, including Yotta, for asset management support software and services in February 2014. Following on from this, a two-year contract, with an optional additional two years, has been awarded in August 2015 and secured through the Government procurement initiative G-Cloud. G-Cloud is an online service designed to ease procurement by public sector organisations, such as Highways England, of cloud based IT services such as Horizons.

“Our initial experience of the Horizons platform has been very positive with feedback from our internal forums including comments such as ‘intuitive’ and ‘easy to use’.” commented Chris Larsen, Project Manager at Highways England. “Using Horizons, with support from Yotta, we have been able to undertake a range of modelling projects in order to gain a better understanding of the current and future condition of the network and improve decision making relating to our road renewal programme. This contract extension will allow us to build on the work to date; informing future decision making and reporting on work in progress,” explained Imrul Hassan, Data Warehouse & Analytics Team Leader at Highways England.

“Horizons has been supporting Highways England for the past 18 months helping them identify and inform a five year programme of works based on range of data, including our own survey data as well as additional traffic and pavement construction information,” added Nick Smee, CEO of Yotta. “This extension is a positive endorsement of the value of Horizons to organisation with a nationwide remit for modernising and maintaining the highway, as well as running the network and keeping traffic moving.”

Horizons is a highway Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) asset management platform designed to make it easier for asset managers to visualise, manage and optimise all their asset management strategies and records in a unique and effective way, using a single cloud-based solution. Since launching to market in 2012, Horizons has revolutionised asset management across a range of applications and is now used by around 50 local authorities in addition to service partners and maintenance contractors in the UK. In 2014, Yotta launched Horizons internationally, and has already achieved successful implementations in Europe and Australia.

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