Causeway proudly welcomes four more organisations to its customer roster as Jelson Homes, MTW Consultants, Punch Consulting Engineers and TJ Infrastructure become the latest to purchase Causeway Flow or PDS licences.

As one of Ireland’s leading and most experienced engineering consultancies, Punch Consulting Engineers required a drainage design solution that would offer them enhanced design capabilities and the flexibility of usage to access the software across multiple offices without needing to transfer dongles. Following a trial of the Enterprise Bundle, the organisation decided to invest in the multi-user platform, purchasing various licences as a result.

MTW Consultants represents another Irish design structural design consultancy that has enhanced its design capabilities with Causeway Flow licences. Looking to make the transition away from spreadsheets in favour of specialist software, MTW Consultants were searching for a solution offering both autoCAD integration and storage design capabilities. After evaluating alternatives, MTW Consultants concluded that the Causeway Flow Professional Bundle best met their needs, enabling them to speed up the design of their small scale developments at an affordable price point. Price was also a driving force for start-up civil engineering consultancy, TJ Infrastructure, who found Flow to offer the perfect balance between design features, usability and affordability.

Lastly, we welcome regional house builder Jelson Homes to our expanding list of Causeway Professional Design Suite (PDS) customers. Offering distinct bundles to cater to those needing straightforward civil design capability through to a complete design suite with BIM outputs, PDS offers an extensive range of powerful tools to cover all aspects of earthworks, highways and development site infrastructure design. As with our Causeway Flow bundles, we have carefully designed each to ensure that you only pay for the tools you truly need, and don’t have to pay a premium for unnecessary extras.

For more information on Causeway Flow, Causeway PDS, or how our bundles can each can help you to transform your engineering productivity and workflows, get in touch with Drainage Design Specialist Tom Fox on (0)1628 552061 or Infrastructure Design Specialist Brent Olivier on (0)1628 552156.

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