Further to the additional measures announced earlier this week by the UK Prime Minister, we want to reassure you that Causeway is continuing to support our customers during these challenging times and there will be no disruption to services.

Causeway, as part of the information technology and data infrastructure sector, has been classified a critical category of supplier by the government under the heading “Utilities, Communication and Financial Services”. To ensure that we continue to support our customers and the construction sector during this time:

  • We remain fully staffed with all employees working from home to provide the support our customers need without disruption to services.
  • All employees will be able to continue working from home for the required period whilst maintaining our normal levels of support and accessibility to our teams for every customer.
  • We use a variety of technology to communicate with customers to ensure that meetings and discussions, whilst not face to face, still take place.
  • We are in close consultation with our supply chain to ensure continuity of service for Causeway and our customers.
  • Causeway can operate all functions in a paperless environment and as all employees are working from home, we would request any correspondence is made via email and any payments made via bank transfer.
  • Your Account Manager is available as your trusted advisor, and available to provide advice and support for challenges you may be facing.

We will continue to monitor the situation very carefully and will adapt our business plans to reflect any changes in the situation, we will of course notify you of any significant changes we may make.

Given the events of the past few weeks, we would also like to take a moment to thank you for your partnership and your business with Causeway. Our customers are facing unprecedented challenges at this time and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

We will ensure we continue to provide the high level of customer service you have become used to throughout these uncertain times.

If you have any questions you can reach our customer support team at support@causeway.com, call us on +44 (0)1628 552255 or speak with your account manager.

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