Causeway’s Richard Brayshaw is running the Marathon Des Sables at the start of April in an effort to raise £9,500 for Mencap, supported by the Causeway Foundation.

Described as the Toughest Footrace on Earth, the Marathon Des Sables is a 155 mile, 7-day race across the Sahara Desert where runners are required to be self-sufficient, and carry on their backs everything needed to survive including food, water, clothing and camping gear.

The race starts on Sunday 6th of April and consists of the following stages:-

Day 1: 22 Mile Race
Day 2: 22 Mile Race
Day 3: 22 Mile Race
Day 4: 55 Mile Race
Day 5: Rest Day (if all 55 miles has been completed on Day 4)
Day 6: 22 Mile Race & Race Finish
Day 7: 10 Mile Fun Run & Finishers Medal

In preparation for this Richard has undertaken a rigorous training programme including the completion of a number of marathons and a 100km race along the Thames path leading to him winning a Causeway Wellness award last year.

As part of the Causeway Telematics team, Richard’s progress will of course be tracked.

Donations in support of this tremendous effort are greatly appreciated by Richard and Mencap.

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