Since our founding in 1999, our mission has always been to streamline complex processes and enhance productivity for businesses, teams and individuals across the construction industry. 

Over the years our product portfolio has grown and we are proud to have become the UK’s largest software solution provider for construction and infrastructure companies and their supply chains. We are trusted by more than 3,000 customers – including some of the industry’s biggest names – and employ over 500 people.  

Making construction and maintenance flow 

From design through to build, operation and maintenance, Causeway has been on a journey over the last few years to connect the dots across the industry.  

Our mission has always been to make construction more connected, productive and profitable, but we are acutely aware that the industry has too many software solutions that are not integrated. 

Specialised applications do their jobs very well, but data is siloed leaving users to pick through multiple systems for information and duplicate work. 

This is an extremely inefficient use of time that drives up costs and saps resources. 

That’s why our long-term vision for construction is for data to flow freely between businesses and their supply chains, creating an industry ecosystem that delivers actionable insights at the touch of a button or even a voice command.

We want to improve the cost and environmental impact of construction on our world by connecting the commercial operations of everyone across the supply chain. 

That’s why Causeway is evolving.  

A new visual identity 

2024 is a transformative year for Causeway, and our refreshed branding marks the first milestone of an exciting journey into a new era of innovation for the business and our customers.  

We are transforming and driving technology advancement in the sector like never before, with plans to bring our vision to life and unite all aspects of the industry in one place with our new software platform, CausewayOne.  

Let’s build the future together

Discover how we can transform your business, making every project flow and the industry more sustainable.