Yotta has released a new software module that allows Local Authorities to record and maintain detailed records about a range of assets including park benches, rubbish bins, cycle racks and road signs. The Mayrise Asset Management Module can be used to supplement existing Mayrise service management software, allowing for the recording of detailed and configurable asset information. Individual asset records can include details such as colour, material, size and even state of repair, for example.

The new software module also allows works orders to be generated and recorded against an asset, and all records can be geographically referenced for use in desktop mapping or other spatially enabled software. Mayrise software is already in use by hundreds of organisations to improve the provision of Street Lighting, Waste and Recycling, Highways, Street Works and Grounds Maintenance services.

“A new report estimates that Local Authorities spend almost £1 billion a year on street furniture and street lighting,” says Nick Smee, CEO of Yotta. “Street Lighting has an estimated spend of around £600 million with street furniture, covering a wide range of end use sectors, at around £350 million. These figures cover the supply of a range of products used in public urban locations including benches and seats, bins, bollards and barriers, planters, post and rails. The fastest growing sector is cycle stands reflecting local authorities’ response to the growing popularity of cycling. In overall terms this spend is split between routine maintenance and new development projects.”

He continued, “The Mayrise Asset Management Module supports the creation of detailed asset inventories across all of these sectors; allowing for the creation of multiple databases, containing configurable information which can be used to support management and maintenance activities. This will ultimately improve the condition and longevity of an asset and therefore the urban environment, allow councils to react to ongoing demand and help mitigate the impact of ongoing budget cuts.”

The software is an add-on to existing Mayrise service management software so, for example, a Council already using Mayrise Highways can use the Asset Management Module to record details of cycle infrastructure. Data can be imported en masse from an existing source, such as an Excel spreadsheet, or created using asset video survey technology also on offer from Yotta. Databases can contain multiple asset types, for example cycle routes, crossings and racks, and can be configured to meet individual organisations’ requirements.

Georeferencing of asset records allows for the information to be viewed on a map background giving a spatial understanding of the location of individual assets and their proximity to other assets and features. The ability to record defects against an individual asset and raise and record works orders allows for the introduction of strategic maintenance programmes designed to improve the condition and operational lifetime of an asset.

The Mayrise Asset Management Module has already been successfully implemented at a number of customer sites who are trialling the software and driving future development. Future releases, scheduled for Q2 and Q3 2015 will include the ability to schedule routine maintenance and inspection rounds, along with mobile functionality.

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