An in-cab waste management system from Yotta has been combined with a new smartphone app to help the London Borough of Newham tackle the contentious issue of illegal rubbish dumping. The Mayrise in-cab technology from Yotta combined with the new smartphone app, allows residents to quickly and easily report a range of environmental issues to Newham Council. The nature and precise geographical location of the incident is then automatically communicated to field staff who can respond in a matter of minutes. The new system is already being used to tackle a range of environmental incidents, such as fly tipping, and support Newham’s free green and bulky waste collections.

“We spent in the region of £3 million last year dealing with 70,000 fly tipping incidents alone,” commented Councillor Ian Corbett, mayoral adviser for environment and leisure. “This is a problem we take very seriously. We have a 200 strong team of street cleansers, operating out of 18 vehicles, supported by 73 law enforcement officers who will clear and investigate fly tips as part of their duties. Using smartphone technology, together with the Yotta Mayrise in-cab devices, we can keep residents informed in real time about when reported rubbish has been cleared.”

‘Love Newham’ is a free smartphone app and website that allows residents to report environmental issues, such as fly tipping, fly posting, dog fouling and graffiti, directly to the Council. Available for iPhone, Windows, Android and Blackberry, once downloaded the user simply takes a photograph on their phone and, adds some brief details, before hitting send. The information, complete with the geographical location of the reported incident, is then sent directly to the ‘Love Newham’ webserver. Residents without smartphones can log onto using existing social media accounts to report incidents and monitor the Council’s response.

Reports received via the smartphone app, Love Newham website or even by Council staff operating in the field, are logged using the Council’s CRM Microsoft Dynamics. They are then automatically sent to the Mayrise Waste back office system before being communicated directly to the closest crew using the Mayrise in-cab devices. Armed with a photograph and details together with the exact location, the crew can either respond immediately or schedule a response for later in the shift. Once the issue has been dealt with the crew closes the report using the in-cab device and a report is automatically sent to both the back office Mayrise management system and the Love Newham website.

Mayrise Waste Mobile uses a vehicle mounted mini-PC to integrate with the Mayrise Waste back office system giving frontline staff access to the latest service and reference information. Utilising GPS, mobile and WiFi technology the Yotta solution further supports crews in the field with real time messaging, reporting and event logging. The integrated mobile and back office system also allows office based staff to monitor the progress of crews in the field with their location and logged events displayed in real time against a map backdrop.

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