Over a quarter (26%) of UK adults say that they are deterred from driving after dark by the quality of street lighting available on their local roads, according to new research, commissioned by technology company, Yotta

The research that polled 1000 UK adults also found that many people are also put off from walking or cycling through local green spaces after dark by poor lighting. Nearly one-third (30%) say they are less likely to visit them because of the quality of the lighting.

In addition, more than one quarter (26%) of respondents overall said the quality of street lighting in their town or city made them feel less safe about going out after dark, compared to just 19% who said the lighting quality made them feel safer.

“It’s concerning that so many people across the UK are deterred from driving or even from simply walking around at night by the quality of street lighting available to them in their local area,” says Nick Bond, Product Specialist, Yotta.

Despite the concerns about the quality of street lighting expressed by the UK public, according to the survey 17% of UK adults believe the council are inefficient at fixing broken street lights in their local town or city.

In addition, when respondents were asked what public areas they would be happy for lighting to be switched off to help the council reduce costs, ‘no areas’ received 32% of the vote while minor roads and motorways were cited by 19% and 18% respectively.

“Street lights are designed to make the public feel safer but it’s clear from the survey results that, for many people, they are not doing that job effectively enough,” adds Bond. “Councils have more work to do here in ensuring their street lighting estate is helping give people the confidence to feel secure in their local environment and have the freedom to go out and about after dark.”

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