Carmarthenshire County Council (CCC) has awarded a contract to Yotta  - now part of Causeway Technologies - the UK’s leading provider of connected asset management software and services, to implement its pioneering Alloy solution to streamline and digitise the council’s entire Waste, Cleansing and Grounds Management services.

The system will allow for strategic digital transformation of key operational services in line with CCC's corporate objective contained within the Digital Transformation Strategy.

Due to high levels of demand placing a strain on resources, the council needed to find new ways of working to deliver an efficient and accountable service for residents, businesses and visitors. A primary reason for selecting Alloy was its proven ability to manage a whole suite of key operational services – not just within waste management but across the entire Environmental Services ecosystem. This is made possible with Alloy’s modern NoSQL database technology with the capabilities to work with multiple reference networks whether point, line or polygon based.

Alloy’s flexible and modern architecture to manage multiple asset types also acts as the springboard to realise the ambition of system rationalisation within CCC offering the dual benefit of costs savings and reduction in resource needed to manage a high number of different asset management systems combined with the benefits of a truly connected system that breaks down working in silo’s and enables intelligence to be shared through the council to drive operational efficiencies and enable cross functional working.

Alloy’s powerful and versatile workflows are captured within one intuitive system, allowing the council to automate processes and improve the flow of work across service areas. CCC feel it is critical to get field operatives to embrace the technological change so Alloy’s fully mobile and in-cab working solution will be deployed as it is ultimately designed for operatives to find easy to use and intuitive and enhance their working lives rather than being a burden. Dynamic data will seamlessly flow through from mobile to Alloy Core & then out via the restful API to an integrated CRM system to ensure the public are kept informed of operational activities, stop duplicate issues being raised and provide evidence of reasons to counter complaints i.e. photo evidence of contaminated waste in bins which will realise a sizable reduction in in-bound telephone enquiries into the contact centre.

Residents and local businesses will see marked improvements in the delivery of services, with the additional assurance that all reported enquiries are being dealt with quickly and transparently combined with significant reductions in carbon emissions and fuel costs through optimal working and a reduction in unnecessary journeys.

In addition to a fully fit for purpose system, CCC also needed a supplier who could provide a rapid implementation to be ready for the new waste service in less than 3 months time: the deployment of Alloy blueprints make this a reality. The blueprints serve a dual purpose in that they provide an exemplar system with all the necessary functionality to run an optimal service out of the box whilst massively reducing the personnel resource and effort needed by CCC to configure the system.

In totality following the implementation of Alloy, Carmarthenshire anticipates significant cost savings in excess of £250,000 over the contract term.

Daniel John, Interim Head of Waste and Environmental Services at Carmarthenshire County Council, commented: “We were looking to digitise and streamline our approach to waste, street cleansing and grounds management, so we needed a solution that would help us enable service improvements while also reducing costs. Yotta’s Alloy fits the bill perfectly. Thanks to the flexibility and intuitiveness of the software, we can now look forward to delivering a sustainable, efficient, and accountable service that will improve the lives of so many across the county.” Steve White, Head of Sales at Yotta, said: “We share Carmarthenshire County Council’s commitment to maintaining and improving critical council services. With Alloy’s connected asset management solution, the council will be empowered to make better, more informed decisions about how their Waste and Environmental Services are managed - now and into the future.”

About Carmarthenshire County Council

Carmarthenshire County Council is the local authority for the county of Carmarthenshire, Wales. It provides a range of services including education, planning, transport, social services and public safety. The council is one of twenty-two unitary authorities that came into existence on 1 April 1996 under the provisions of the Local Government (Wales) Act 1994. The council is based at County Hall in Carmarthen. For more information, please visit

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