Updates to leading strategic asset management software will enable Highways Asset Managers to clean up their act with predictive capabilities and emissions visualisation  

Horizons, the visualised software-as-a-service (SaaS) strategic asset management platform from Yotta, continues to help local authorities make greener decisions when managing Britain’s notoriously unsustainable roads. The company recently announced it had added new features focused on sustainability and carbon-offset to its cloud-based highway asset management software, with a raft of measurement and predictive capabilities to help those responsible for highways to meet the carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission objectives of their organisation.

The new features in Horizons allow Highways Asset Managers to measure the embodied CO2 and NOx across numerous treatment options. Crucially, councils can now measure the impact of their decisions, enabling them to manage and create optimal lifecycle plans that meet targets, deliver greener alternatives and offer more efficient investment scenarios.

Horizons’ revamp comes as authorities set ambitious targets to achieve more environmentally friendly road infrastructure. In January, National Highways highlighted its commitment to achieving net zero carbon by 2050, announcing the creation of a new division for Environmental Sustainability. By introducing these new environmental capabilities within Horizon, Yotta is positioning itself as a leader in the march towards sustainability on the roads.

“We all have a shared responsibility to strengthen our green infrastructure asset management,” commented Jonathan Shaw, Product Manager at Yotta. “With Horizons, we not only have the ability to track and measure emissions, but to actually do something with this data – to use it to analyse, predict and plan for the future. This is transformational for everybody using the roads – not just Highways Asset Managers or local authorities – as the whole planet will ultimately benefit from more sustainable infrastructure.”

Horizons has already achieved a governmental stamp of approval: National Highways’ P-DST, referred to within the organisation as its Programme Investment Tool (PIT), is powered by Yotta’s leading technology and numerous local authorities use Horizons as part of their strategic highway asset planning.

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