Yotta, the leading global connected asset management and services provider, continues to enjoy significant momentum across multiple service areas: from highways management; street lighting; environmental services and street works contracts for local authorities, to the development of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure for EV charge point operators.

As customer demand for connected asset management accelerates, Yotta’s focus and drive to add innovation and value through its Alloy and Horizons software has helped it continue to grow its customer base.  Indeed, since the start of the financial year, the company has secured a total of 22 new deals - nine of which are new-name contract wins - plus a further thirteen customers who have transitioned to multi-year deals, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to Yotta’s technology.

Contracts span a range of service areas, including highways management, environmental services and street works, with many deals representing a significant expansion in the number of service areas supported by Yotta in each account, illustrating strong organic growth.

Recent customer announcements include Manchester City Council, which turned to Yotta for a solution to manage its highways maintenance and street works activity; Derbyshire County Council, which awarded Yotta a contract to provide it with an externally-hosted highways asset management system, North East Lincolnshire Council, which contracted Yotta to supply it with an environmental services management system, Havering London Borough Council which selected Alloy to support its highways, streetlighting, street cleansing, parks, grounds maintenance and arboreal services and Buckinghamshire Council who chose Yotta for its highways asset management system.

Additionally, National Highways, a long-standing Yotta customer, has recently renewed their Horizons contract, helping them continue to make informed decisions about road maintenance and infrastructure investments.

At the same time, Yotta continues to focus on complementary areas of asset management, such as electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, where a recent independent research report, commissioned by Yotta, revealed that two of the biggest impacts organisations see from ‘failing to maintain’ their EV charge point sites were ‘hinder growth of business’ (42%) and loss of revenue (35%).


Across all areas of asset management, Yotta is focused on a drive to add innovation and value, principally through its connected asset management software, Alloy and its strategic asset management software solution, Horizons. This has comprised multiple enhancements and developments to the software and the way it is deployed at clients, something Yotta has achieved through research and development efforts, partnerships and collaborative initiatives.

Initiatives have included helping clients better address their management and reduction of carbon through the implementation of powerful new visualisation capabilities in Horizons. Better analysis and visualisation brings greater flexibility, supporting clients in focusing on key areas, including making best use of limited resources and the socio-economic impact of their decisions.

Incorporating new data sources is also key, as evidenced by Yotta’s recent collaboration with Community Models, whose ability to generate predictive analysis helps authorities to better understand how infrastructure decisions impact the quality of life in specific neighbourhoods: including projected job creation, support for economic growth, environmental impact, and changes in levels of access to important public resources.


Yotta has also created over 300 Blueprints of best practice asset types, activity configurations, layers, workflows and much more for use within Alloy, which customers can deploy to quickly drive efficiencies in processes, services and costs. At the touch of a button, these Blueprints can be selected at the time of customer onboarding to provide a system configured to meet the needs of the specific class of asset or assets they are managing.

Further, underpinning Yotta’s innovations in mobile working, it has seen a significant number of customers expanding their use of its mobile app, again across multiple service areas.

Also underlining its momentum, Yotta has made 18 new hires across its marketing, support, sales, development and consulting functions since the start of the financial year (FY). Yotta’s consulting team has shown especially strong growth, going beyond the traditional implementation, project management and support, to deliver added value strategic consultancy across areas including analysis, engineering, environmental science and GIS.


Nick Smee, CEO Yotta, said: “The local authorities and private businesses we engage with at Yotta are increasingly looking to expand their capabilities with connected asset management technology. That’s meant more opportunities for Yotta and we expect these to widen in the future as digitalisation accelerates and we expand into new market areas. We have achieved great successes at Yotta over the past few years and we are committed to continuing to work collaboratively with our clients in the future to help them maximise the benefits they get from our asset management solutions.

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