Logan Construction becomes the latest specialist contractor to make the switch to Causeway Estimating, which will enable significant time savings to be made across the business.

Specialising in the health and education sectors, Logan Construction is a principal contractor with extensive experience in complex refurbishment and new build projects.

Looking to move away from manually entering figures into Excel spreadsheets and taking off by hand, Logan Construction was searching from an intuitive estimating solution that enable them to future proof the business. Having reviewed and previously used alternatives, the organisation ultimately decided that Causeway Estimating was the most suitable solution.

Impressed with the ease of use and flexibility of the solution, Logan Construction purchased multiple Causeway Estimating licences as part of the Professional bundle. The Professional bundle is one of three distinct estimating packages Causeway offers to provide estimators and contractors with the optimum suite of tools and capabilities necessary to meet their needs at the best value.

In switching to Causeway Estimating, Logan Construction will be able to save time in a number of ways. For instance, Causeway Estimating will now manage the entire process of managing enquiries and enable Logan Construction to copy jobs and find previously priced items quickly and easily.

For more information on the benefits of switching from spreadsheets to a specialist estimating solution, download our short guide detailing 20 compelling reasons to make the switch, or get in touch with Precontract Operations Specialist, Darren Stringfellow, on (0)1628 552088.

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