The Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has extended its use of Causeway FM Facts with the introduction of features that improve communication between the FM department, its internal customers and the supply chain. The Trust has also introduced Causeway Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to help manage its documents more efficiently.

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest mental health trusts in the country, employing around 5,000 staff and treating 100,000 patients a year. The Trust has been using FM Facts Helpdesk and Asset Management modules for many years and is currently using the hosted versions of the software, thereby easing the strain on its own IT resources.

In a recent review of how the systems are being used, opportunities for further efficiencies were identified through the introduction of the Supplier Portal facility and the FM Online module. This also provided an opportunity to introduce enhanced management of documents using ECM.

The Supplier Portal provides authorised internal and external suppliers with direct online access to both reactive and planned Helpdesk tasks. The Trust has also linked this to mobile devices, so that suppliers can receive jobs on a tablet device and report progress in real time. This provides the Trust with improved visibility for monitoring KPIs and ensuring suppliers are complying with SLAs.

FM Online enables internal customers to log and track jobs via the intranet, thereby improving the level of service and reducing the number of calls to the help desk.

In addition, ECM software has been implemented alongside the FM Facts modules – again using Causeway’s hosted service - to facilitate document management and provide improved control of workflows. Causeway ECM provides a central location for the storage of documents, including emails, drawings, forms and workflow processes.

ECM is used to automate key business processes, enhance collaboration between parties and manage documents more effectively. The result is that the Trust will enjoy considerable time-savings in document management while improving efficiency and reducing risk.

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