Causeway is delighted to welcome two more specialist engineering consultancy practices as customers after Cadarn Consulting Engineers and Malone O’Regan purchase Flow licences as part of the Enterprise and Professional bundles respectively.

Taking on an increasing number of schemes involving detailed drainage, Cadarn Consulting Engineers required a system that would enable them to effectively manage these demands and move away from using spreadsheets longhand, to a multi-user platform which can significantly enhance workflows and remove bottlenecks.

As a result, the organisation began the process of reviewing viable drainage design software packages. Having reviewed both the cost and capabilities of alternatives, Cadarn Consulting Engineers decided the business case was strongest with Causeway Flow, opting for the comprehensive Enterprise bundle, which offers CAD integration and BIM outputs in addition to extensive hydraulic design capabilities.

Malone O’Regan is another organisation for which Causeway Flow offered a compelling business case. One of the most successful Engineering and Environmental Consultancy practices in Ireland, Malone O’Regan required a system with an intuitive interface that would help them deliver an increasing number of projects requiring drainage design. Having considered alternatives and attended a demonstration, the organisation decided that Flow was the right choice, offering next-generation drainage design through an intuitive, multi-user platform.

For more information on Causeway Flow and how it can help you transform your drainage design productivity, get in touch with Drainage Design Specialist Tom Fox on (0)1628 552061 or book a demo.

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