Expansion of existing agreement enables services provider to deploy Yotta’s highway asset management tool at customer sites in UK, Australia, New Zealand and Spain  

Technology company, Yotta has announced a five-year extension of its existing contract with Amey, one of the UK’s leading public and regulated services providers. The new deal, valued at over £1.125 million, allows Amey to roll out licences for Yotta’s highway asset management solution, Horizons, to subscribers in Australia, New Zealand and Spain in addition to those based in the UK. The service and maintenance provider will also be able to use Horizons in an additional six end customers.

Horizons is a highway Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) asset management platform designed to make it easier for asset managers to visualise, manage and optimise all their asset management strategies and records using a single cloud-based solution. Since launching to market in 2012, Horizons has revolutionised asset management across a range of applications and is now used by around 55 local authorities in addition to service partners and maintenance contractors.

Amey has already implemented Horizons across a total of 10 projects across the UK. Positive feedback from clients has led to it extending this relationship with Yotta by a further five years. Amey uses Horizons to provide differentiation when bidding for new projects, which typically include local and regional authorities and government highways agencies. Once projects are underway, it also uses the tool to showcase work done and progress achieved to stakeholders.  Moving forward, Amey plans to work closely with Yotta to address specific customer needs more precisely.

Amey project teams will make direct use of Horizons on site as part of customer deployments. The service provider also plans to use the tool to support its Sheffield-based highways asset management hub, which is further backed by Yotta technical expertise.

“Horizons is a robust, easy-to-use yet technologically advanced asset management solution,” says Dave Brown, associate director at Amey. “It helps us win long-term maintenance contracts against our competitors by enabling us to make a compelling asset management case from the outset.

“Horizons also allows us to combine asset data with our own market expertise,” he adds, “to test out different options and make informed and complex decisions quickly, which in turn drives savings in asset lifecycle planning. Critically, it also enables us to engage more closely and build consensus with key stakeholders by delivering results to them in an easily understandable form. In short, it enables us to offer a comprehensive asset maintenance service, which provides an excellent basis for building strong long-term customer relationships.

“This expansion of our contract with Yotta provides us with continuity in terms of our overall approach to asset management,” Brown continues, “and crucially enables us to extend the many benefits we are getting from the approach into a greater range of territories,”.

Nick Smee, managing director, Yotta, commented: “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to further extend our partnership with Amey. We are looking forward to working more closely with them to help optimise Horizons to meet their customers’ needs as well as finding ways to extend Amey’s capability into new customer groups and international markets.”

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