Yotta has announced the availability of v15 of its flagship Connected Asset Management platform, Alloy. The release contains significant new and expanded capabilities with which organisations and its users can quickly realise impressive efficiencies in processes, services and costs.

The first of these, Alloy Blueprints, radically change the way in which users of Alloy are onboarded to the service. Using Alloy’s Designer and workflow tools, Yotta has created over 300 Blueprints of best practise asset types and workflows. At the touch of a button, these Blueprints can be selected at the time of customer onboarding to provide a system configured to meet the needs of the specific class of asset or assets they are managing. From this point, the system can be further configured however the resulting time to benefit and cost for the customer are still greatly reduced.

Blueprints can also be deployed to allow organisations with a need for standardised, multi-site implementations to be configured using a common, best practise approach, which ensures commonality of approach and results. Yotta’s partners can also benefit through the creation of their own Blueprints that can bring further added-value to their own customers based upon the partner’s expertise and know-how. The delivery of Alloy Blueprints is a major step forwards in delivering repeatable best practise asset management capabilities to Yotta’s customers. It will continue to grow and expand and ensures that Yotta can provide focussed, specific capabilities and rapid onboarding regardless of industry or geography.

To support the creation of Blueprints, v15 also incorporates an enhanced workflow engine. The workflow capabilities have been one of Alloy’s most popular features and Yotta has listened to its customers and included additional functionality to deepen the power and configurability available to the user, while maintaining Yotta’s focus on an elegant and easy to use user experience. Workflows continue to ensure that the right actions take place at the right time and that a Connected Asset Management approach is maintained.

There are many other enhancements and improvements in v15. The Data Explorer element of Alloy has been improved to make it easier for users to efficiently and quickly handle and visualise large data sets. The Alloy mobile application, a crucial part of the Connected Asset Management story, is now available on Android and Apple platforms and continues to benefit from improvements in functionality, usability and speed.

According to Manish Jethwa, CTO and Head of Product at Yotta: “The development of the new version of Alloy was driven both by customer feedback and by our own R&D team. We knew there were exciting new technologies that we wanted to use to make Alloy even better and in implementing these we listened closely and took on board customer feedback. That resulted in us building out the concept of Blueprints as a way for customers to save money and shorten the time to benefit.

“We currently have over 300 pre-defined designs and we expect that to continue to grow from the ones we build ourselves, but also the Blueprints our Technology Partners build out.” Jethwa added:“Blueprints is a major enhancement to the software and asset management in general, and along with the work we have done with the workflows and the data visualisation, we are confident will bring far-reaching benefits to our customers both today and long into the future.”

The rapid evolution of the Alloy roadmap also reflects gathering momentum for the software solution worldwide. Growing numbers of its 150 customers are migrating from its Mayrise system and are joined by new-name customers wins in the UK and abroad.

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