Alloy: Ground-breaking software is available worldwide from today

Yotta has announced that Alloy, its new Connected Asset Management platform, is now available for local authorities, agencies and asset managers globally. The vision for this ground-breaking, next generation platform was launched at the Yotta Conference early 2017 with the promise of a “new era of connected asset management”.

Alloy introduces new technology to allow its users greater connectivity between assets, people and organisations. It provides rich, server based mapping and its unique Mesh functionality embraces the ever-growing number of sensor-connected assets and the Internet of Things, allowing users to interrogate those assets to further enhance decision-making.

The cloud-based platform runs as a service, helping organisations save on IT infrastructure and service costs, while providing the highest level of availability, support and ease of implementation.

Users of Alloy will benefit from an elegant, powerful and engaging map-centric interface, which builds upon the success of Yotta’s highway asset management system, Horizons and will enhance rates of user adoption and acceptance.

At launch, Alloy introduces comprehensive end-to-end asset management functionality through its Asset Core module, which sits at the heart of the Alloy system. Yotta is committed to delivering rich functionality throughout Alloy, which offers wide capability but also recognises the specific needs of professional asset managers responsible for each class of asset.

The first asset type to benefit from the best practice approach in Alloy is Street Lighting, which builds upon the world-class reputation of Yotta’s existing Mayrise asset management suite in this area, while introducing new capabilities such as NightScape visualisations to benefit street lighting professionals. Further asset classes, including Structures, Green Spaces and Drainage are under development and will provide the same asset specific functionality to complement that found in Asset Core. Other modules, including Waste Management are also in development.

In order to deliver the best possible mobile experience to users, Yotta has also developed a complementary application, Alloy Mobile, which will be available on Android from today, with an iOS version in development.

It is planned that Alloy will evolve to absorb Yotta’s existing Mayrise software and, over time, will include an expanded and enhanced footprint over the existing Mayrise modules. However, Yotta will provide ongoing support for Mayrise for at least five years.

Yet, Yotta is keen to stress that while the structure and configuration will be familiar to Mayrise users, this is a totally new solution. “Alloy represents a real step change, laying the foundations for a future of smart cities, the IoT and a new world of connectivity,” says Yotta CEO, Nick Smee.

“It’s a completely fresh approach, making it easy for local authorities, agencies and asset managers across the world to manage their assets more efficiently and make intelligent decisions leading to enhanced service levels, but with a lower overhead.”

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