We are delighted to announce that Yotta Surveying Limited, a subsidiary of Oxford Metrics plc, has been acquired by Ginger Lehmann and will, with immediate effect, trade as Ginger Lehmann Ltd in the UK. Yotta Surveying Ltd has a proud and long history of providing surveying services to our public sector clients, which matches the longevity of Ginger Lehmann in Europe. Ginger Lehmann Ltd will continue to operate from its location in Leamington Spa, UK and the existing staff of Yotta Surveying Limited are remaining with the business.

A few facts about Ginger Lehmann:

  • Ginger Lehmann is the pan-European leader in road condition surveys. It operates in Germany, Poland, France and now in UK
  • With 200 staff members and a large fleet of measurement vehicles, Ginger Lehmann provides state of the art measurement technologies and data analysis
  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Ginger Group, which is a major player in the construction, environment and infrastructure engineering market, specializing in soils, water, material and environmental engineering.

Yotta Limited will work in close partnership with Ginger Lehmann Ltd to ensure a smooth transition and access to its software, consultancy and analysis services.

Ginger’s CEO, Philippe Margarit, said “We are delighted to have acquired Yotta Surveying Limited. It has an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality services to the UK and we are excited to combine that with our own commitment to the very highest standards of service. The team in the UK have proven over many years that they bring enviable expertise to their roles and we are looking forward to welcoming them to our group.”

Nick Smee, Yotta’s CEO said, “I am proud of what we have achieved in our surveying business, however, Ginger Lehmann, with their extensive resources and expertise, will be able to provide further growth, innovation and quality to ensure that our customers are kept at the forefront of developments within the sector. Yotta’s business has evolved enormously over the last eight years and our increasing focus on delivering our software throughout the world means that the time is right to have found a company to take the surveying business forward”.

For the avoidance of doubt, the acquisition does not include Yotta Limited, which continues to provide its Alloy, Horizons, Mayrise and March software. 

By Shivani Prashar

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