Yotta has marked the start of a new era of connected asset management with the launch of its innovative connected asset management platform, Alloy. The company’s CEO, Nick Smee made the announcement in a keynote address to the Yotta Conference 2017 (6th February 2017, Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel).

“Alloy is the future of infrastructure asset management,” said Smee. “Across the globe, highways agencies and local authorities face similar challenges. They see the opportunity that rapid data growth presents but they are struggling to capture and join up data and to understand what is most relevant. Alloy provides the ideal solution, future-proofing organisations by allowing connectivity between a range of assets and data types and helping organisations harness the resulting insight for their competitive advantage.”

A screenshot of the Alloy platform

Developed from the outset as an enterprise-level cloud application, Alloy will make it simpler for authorities worldwide to manage vast volumes of data. A fresh approach to the interface will make it easy for users to see, explore and leverage that data in real time, enabling better service delivery.

Alloy will evolve to absorb Yotta’s existing Mayrise asset management suite – and it features the same modules. Over time, it will include both an expanded and enhanced footprint over the existing Mayrise modules.

“While the structure and configuration of Alloy will be familiar to Mayrise users, this is a completely new software solution, with a brand new look and feel, which we have designed from the ground up,” says Simon Topp, Yotta’s Director of Marketing and International Business. “Running as a service, it can also help organisations save on IT infrastructure and service costs while providing the highest level of availability and simple support and upgrade processes that drive ongoing efficiencies.”

The key differentiator of Alloy, though, is its ability to take connectivity to another level. Alloy’s advanced and sophisticated Alloy Gateway allows it to connect to everything from other software systems to Internet of Things (IoT) devices across the network such as 3G sensors installed on top of street lights, or traffic count loops embedded in roads.

It also allows users to connect to server-based mapping with a single click, utilise web mapping services (WMS) and web feature services (WFS) services, and through its unique sensor connection, bring in real-time data – and this breadth of access makes Alloy a truly global solution. Yotta has already prepared a strong sales push across its core markets of Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Spain and Germany in addition to the UK, and is also aiming to expand beyond these territories.

“Industry estimates indicate that there are likely to be over 20 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020,” adds Topp. “As a result, opportunities for connecting assets to provide real time data will grow.

“The introduction of Alloy enables infrastructure owners to make the most of this new environment,” he adds. “For the first time, they will have the opportunity to realise the economic benefits of managing all their assets in the same way; generate good quality data about them, and make smarter decisions about their ongoing maintenance in order to provide better service levels at lower costs.”

Yotta’s Smee confirmed the company would provide ongoing support of Mayrise for a minimum of five years. Yotta will also continue to run and support its highly successful strategic asset management platform, Horizons alongside Alloy for the foreseeable future.

“The infrastructure asset management environment is changing before our eyes,” Smee continues. ”There is a step-change in terms of the requirements of highways organisations and road users. With the launch of Alloy, Yotta is ahead of the game in laying the foundations for this fast-emerging connected world of asset management and ensuring organisations across the sector have the enhanced visualisation, decision making tools, communication and connectivity they need to face the future with confidence.”

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