Before using biometric technology on site, John F Hunt Ltd were relying on old-fashioned paper timesheets across its different divisions to collate time and attendance records and manage health and safety. The business has now implemented the Causeway Donseed biometric labour management solution on site.

John F Hunt Ltd's Journey to Reliable Biometric Data

Initially formed as a specialist demolition contractor in 1982, John F Hunt Ltd has since expanded operations to encompass activities such as Controlled Explosive Demolition, Robotic Demolition, Temporary Works, Civil Engineering and Pre-Construction Advice. The Demolition division now sits alongside the Asbestos Removal and Concrete Cutting divisions under the main company, John F Hunt Ltd.

“Paper timesheets just seemed so pre-historic and created a number of challenges for us as a business. I’d had the benefit of using biometrics before and knew the value that the data could bring. The Causeway Donseed was chosen because of the easy installation on site and the fact it was a cloud-based solution.” explains John F Hunt Ltd’s Commercial Director, Jason Hill.

Since 2017, biometrics has been used across John F Hunt Ltd’s demolition and civil engineering divisions where it typically operates 10 to 15 major live sites at any one time.

“The projects we work on range from regional demolition jobs to large infrastructure contracts such as HS2. It is not unusual for us to employ over 100 direct operatives working on a single site. Having biometrics on site allows us to manage all of our projects in one central database.”

Jason says that biometrics has had a considerable impact across the business.

 “Having access to real-time data that we know is accurate and that we can trust benefits almost everything we do; the monitoring of hours worked for payroll, the visibility and traceability of projects for health and safety compliance and the management of resources across the supply chain.”

“Effectively the biometric data and the reporting functionality that sits behind it provides the management team with significant insights that paper timesheets could never deliver. The benefits are there to be seen.”

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