Case Study: How ENGIE Solutions improved responsivity and saved significant time

Topics: Ermeo, Mobile Workforce Management


Watch this case study video to see how ENGIE Solutions, a global leader in low-carbon energy and services, has sped up responsivity and earned significant time savings with our mobile workforce management solution.

Before Causeway Ermeo, inspections into installation effectiveness were carried out with paper and spreadsheets. Processes like this are complex, time-consuming and open to human error – often leading to costly consequences.

Now, Engie has better knowledge of its customer’s assets, like HVAC equipment, and uses it to improve service delivery. The adoption of Causeway Ermeo has transformed this heavy process into a seamless experience, with maintenance forms pre-filled with the correct data and easy access to asset job history.

Technicians have everything needed to perform and record the work correctly.

Alerts ensure no steps are missed.

Causeway Ermeo has:

  • Delivered significant time savings of 1-2 hours per day, site and technician
  • Increased response times to jobs
  • Improved the quality and traceability of data collected

Customer Information


Customer Name: Engie Solutions

Industry: Construction

Causeway Solution:

Causeway Ermeo is a mobile workforce management solution designed to simplify and standardise operational processes through mobile technology.

Watch the case study

Please watch the case study video below with subtitles as the parties speak French, their native language. Causeway Ermeo is a multilingual mobile workforce management solution that serves the European and UK markets.


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