Over the past two years, it has been a particularly challenging time for specifiers that want to focus on continuing their professional development.

That said, professional development remains incredibly important – even more so as we have moved into the ‘new normal’.

With the option of face-to-face CPD back on the table, we investigate it’s benefits and discuss whether face-to-face CPD sessions are back for good or not.

Ditching screen-time for face-to-face

While Zoom and Microsoft Teams were a definite success for those choosing CPD during the pandemic, in recent months, Causeway has seen a rise in construction professionals opting for face-to-face CPD presentations instead.

Andy Mackie, Managing Director at Causeway Enhance said:

“We have seen an increase in the number of Specifiers accepting face-to-face CPD presentations. The majority of the 120 CPD’s Causeway Enhance scheduled in July were held at the offices of Architects, Consultants, Design & Build Contractors, NHS Trusts, and Councils.  We strongly believe face-to-face communication is vital for building strong long-lasting business relationships with the key specifiers you want to get in front of.”

Why is face-to-face CPD still important?

The move back to face-face activities is unsurprising, given that face-to-face meetings are often more focused and productive. According to Great Business Schools, an in-person meeting will generate about 13.36 ideas, whereas a virtual meeting will only generate around 10.43. Some would also argue that a break from remote working could minimise distractions.

When attending face-to-face CPD sessions, there isn’t the option to check your phone, emails and social media, which in turn helps attendees to really tune in and focus on the meeting.

UK-based Training and Conference Centre, Yarnfield Park, back this, commenting;

“With face-to-face meetings, the chat is usually more to the point, meaning that the conversation will flow a lot more naturally…

“Virtual meetings are great because they can be more convenient, but they can also be more awkward. It is more difficult to mind map ideas within the company and has in-depth discussions. A large number of people also admit to browsing social media to pass the time when on audio-only conference calls.”

Having the flexibility of hosting and attending virtual presentations is extremely helpful to those where circumstances make it impossible to attend in person. Most, if not all, presentations include a recording option, which helps individuals to access the presentation whenever they need to, without the need to attend in real time.

However, our CPD clients have expressed that being in a room with people has a significant impact on networking and building stronger relationships with others in the industry, which in turn helps them to present a ‘more fluid CPD’. Face-to-face meetings and presentations can ‘allow the presenter to judge the energy in the room’, creating an interactive atmosphere that ‘improves a dynamic exchange of ideas and collaboration.’

Are you ready to bring back face-to-face CPDs?

The benefits of face-to-face CPD are endless and Causeway Enhance is proud to be leading the way, providing manufacturers and specifiers with office-based CPDs.

If your organisation is ready to bring back face-to-face CPDs, Causeway Enhance arranges CPD’s with Architects and Consultants. We work closely with you to guarantee all attendees have a follow-up call helping ensure you generate future product specifications. Click on the link below to find out more.

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