ACO Technologies plc and Causeway Technologies Limited are delighted to announce that ACO Q-Brake vortex flow control is now fully embedded within Causeway’s state-of-the-art Flow drainage design and analysis software. This integration provides drainage designers and engineers with one of the most advanced tools in the industry to achieve optimal design outcomes and return on investment by simplifying the hydraulic modelling process.

ACO Q-Brake Vortex is a horizontal vortex flow control designed to regulate surface water discharge flows from 1 to 100 l/s. It has the advantage of minimum maintenance with no moving parts and is designed with large, clear openings to reduce the risk of blockage. An enhanced, patented bypass door and emergency drain down facility with improved sealing, enables remote access from the surface to bypass the inlet and independently drain the upstream system. This simplified access removes the need for direct man access to sewer manholes.

Installation costs are reduced further as the units are manufactured to exact application requirements and provide more flow at lower heads, reducing water storage volumes on site. Easy installation of the ACO Q-Brake Vortex is assured with flat or radiused back options for either headwalls or fixing direct to a manhole chamber.

In projects where the ACO Q-Brake Vortex is not the most desired solution, the ACO Q-Plate offers an effective alternative. This product line is available with or without remote bypass and drain down and comes in flat and round manhole configurations to simplify installation.


The hydraulic behaviour of the auto-designed ACO Q-Brake flow control can now be simulated and tested whilst integrated with the entire drainage system using Flow’s 1D dynamic wave routing method. This provides design engineers with the ability to fine-tune their designs based on several priorities such as achieving reduction in construction cost, maximising drainage-lifecycle as well as allowing designers to deliver compliant designs based on UK regulatory requirements.

ACO have long been at the forefront of surface water management solutions. Most SuDS schemes will have a site discharge flow rate imposed and the ACO Q-Brake can ensure that this is achieved. However, the upstream impact on things like attenuation needs to be modelled. We use the very cost-effective Flow software ourselves to model surface water management projects and so it was natural to start our partnership with Causeway by embedding ACO Q-Brake within their state of the art software.”  – David Smoker, Business Development Director at ACO Technologies plc.

“This is a great start to the strategic partnership we are developing with ACO Technologies plc and demonstrates our resolve to deliver better-quality and innovative technology to our fast-expanding customer base. The automation of the ACO Q-Brake flow control within Flow will provide more options and accelerate the design process of any drainage system requiring vortex based flow control. This should go a long way in further cementing our unwavering determination to continue to deliver new heights of excellence for our customers.”  – Netsanet Mebrate, Product Owner, Causeway Technologies Limited.

Causeway and ACO will be hosting a live webinar on October 25 to showcase these new features. For more information, or to register for the webinar, click below.



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