Galliford Try is a FTSE 250 business and one of the UK's leading house-building, regeneration and construction groups with revenues of £2.8 billion.

So why did an industry giant face errors, lost opportunity and low adoption with supply chain digitisation?

Galliford Try implemented a generic solution to manual invoice processing nearly five years ago. After three years, just one in four suppliers had been on-boarded and few of the projected benefits was realised. Without specialist support and industry expertise, the construction industry giant was frustrated with progress. Some of the challenges faced would only be resolved with an industry-specific solution.

Causeway’s Tradex platform enabled the business to accelerate e-invoicing across their supply chain – to 80% in just 18 months.

Tradex enabled Galliford Try to significantly increase the efficiency of their invoicing processes by integrating the platform with their Oracle system and leveraging the specialist expertise offered by Causeway’s dedicated Tradex Community Management team.

According to Peter Rose, Shared Services Director at Galliford Try, "The key difference with this project was the people. We had an excellent project manager who took personal responsibility."

Read the full case study here.

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