Digital transformation is an important objective for many construction businesses to help improve efficiency and profitability.

That said, adopting new software or technology does not guarantee productivity gains will be achieved, especially if systems do not integrate together or with other sources of information.

Estimating is among the processes where integration has the biggest impact on productivity - Learn more about how your estimators can streamline your processes with integration below.

Bring your estimating processes together 

Even where businesses have upgraded from manual processes, they may have separate digital solutions for take-off and estimating. This means wasted time if measurements have to be manually transferred between packages. 

Causeway Estimating easily overcomes this issue with an integrated CAD/BIM Measure tool that allows rapid take-off and measurement. This intuitive graphical tool makes measurement quick and easy and streamlines the creation of your bill of quantities (BoQ).

It works with 2D, 3D or full BIM files, as well as a range of file types including: dwg, dwf, dwfx, rvt and ifc documents.

PDFs can also be used, and the solution makes it simple to rescale PDF drawings (based on a known reference measurement). It allows accurate area, vertical area, volume and pitched area and deduction calculations on which to base your pricing.

Improving efficiency

Integration with other data within the business is also important to minimise rework and duplicated efforts. For example, Causeway Estimating allows information from previous projects to be used in the creation of new estimates to improve productivity.

The centralised database at the core of Causeway Estimating also means simpler sharing of information across the business and easier collaboration. In fact, the seamless access to project data means that multiple estimators, even in various locations, can work on pricing different parts of a project simultaneously.

Making switching simple

Despite the benefits that can be gained from an improved software solution, customers may be concerned that switching will be disruptive and potentially costly for the business. At Causeway, we pride ourselves on being experts in transition, utilising our nearly 30 years in the industry to help users move from one solution to another seamlessly – all with minimal interruption to the day-to-day operations. This includes support from day one, such as onboarding sessions and additional training courses if needed. We are also with you for the long term with our support team providing ongoing assistance to help you get the most out of Causeway Estimating.


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