With growing financial pressure on construction businesses, it has never been more important to ensure efficiency and productivity in site operations. A mobile workforce management solution such as Causeway Ermeo can help improve processes and deliver both enhanced site performance and better communication with those working on-site, including subcontractors.

Causeway Ermeo can simplify, standardise and digitise a range of on-site processes using user-friendly interactive forms, which can be designed to meet the exact requirements of the organisation. This includes daily briefings, work orders, permits, site inductions, plant inspections, health and safety forms, daily site diary and Power BI. The intuitive, mobile-first platform, which is available on iOS or Android devices, means it is easy to complete the forms on site.

Improved site performance

Perhaps the most straightforward benefit of Causeway Ermeo is that streamlining these processes means less time is required to complete essential but time-consuming admin and paperwork tasks. In fact, this can deliver as much as a 20% increase in worker efficiency. This enables operatives, and site managers especially, to dedicate more time to being proactive and focus on work that adds value for the business.

In addition, the fully customisable forms allow data to be captured more consistently and reliably. This includes project details, photography, notes, comments, GPS location and any required signatures – all centrally stored safely and securely. This can prove very valuable, for example, when handing over areas of the site to the client or main contractor and requesting payment for the work completed. Where processes rely on manual and standalone digital systems, completion details, photos and signoffs may all be gathered but are not linked together, and could even be misplaced, making it difficult to submit the required proof.

Also, on contracts that have specific deliverables and set timeframes for completion, it is important to be able to monitor and assess the current status of different elements of the project. With Causeway Ermeo, all the related details can be accessed at any time and potential issues can be identified and rectified before they impact the overall schedule.

In addition, Causeway Ermeo’s seamless integration with the data visualisation tool Microsoft PowerBI allows the easy creation of dashboards that bring together key data insights. This means that performance can be benchmarked across sites to identify opportunities for sharing best practices to drive improvements.

Enhanced communication and collaboration with subcontractors

A further clear advantage of the cloud-based Causeway Ermeo platform is the improved transfer of information between the sites and main office. All information submitted by the site teams through the digital forms is available in real-time to others in the business. Causeway Ermeo also allows information to be distributed to those working on site. For example, site safety briefing documents can be made available through Causeway Ermeo.

These benefits apply to working with subcontractors just as for those directly employed by the company. Subcontractors can be provided with logins and use the Causeway Ermeo app to access the relevant forms from any mobile device. This ensures that all processes remain aligned with the business’ approach and makes data analysis easier as all the information is collated in a single centralised location. There are also benefits for the subcontractor as this allows work to be signed off quicker and enables more prompt payment.

The streamlined processes, better data collection, storage and analysis and improved communication enabled by Causeway Ermeo can deliver real benefits for businesses.

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