Nick Smee, CEO, explores the digital resident demands and funding issues that councils may face this year. And how councils can reduce operational costs, and manage tech investments in a recent Open Access Government's digital transformation news article. 

Nick spoke to Open Access Government about the benefits of local authorities that had already digitalised their infrastructure asset management processes and workflows when the virus hit. The trend of using cutting edge technology for digital demands and how it was accelerated by the pandemic, home working and the use of collaboration tools for video meetings.

The news article also covers that The Local Government Association (LGA) has reportedly claimed that councils would be forced to absorb £1.1 billion in 2020-21 – and also cautioned that given the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the figure could grow to £2.2 billion. Nick further comments on how local authorities can do more with less, the landscape going forward and approaches to asset management. To read the full details of the article exploring the digital demands of councils follow the link below.

Read the full news article here:

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