In addition to streamlining on-site work processes, mobile workforce management solutions, such as Causeway Ermeo, can directly improve health and safety and make the management of this crucial function easier.

With Causeway Ermeo you can simplify, standardise and digitise operational and business processes using app-based forms tailored to the exact requirements of the organisation. The intuitive, mobile-first platform of Causeway Ermeo means it is easy to complete the forms on site using an iOS or Android device.

Improving operative safety

Having direct access to health and safety forms and process documents from a mobile device means they are more likely to be followed and completed. This can help to avoid complacency around daily tasks by reinforcing the importance of the process and outcomes. For example, encouraging the habit of completing risk assessments by making it as simple as possible will help operatives to recognise, and as a result address, the potential hazards posed by even routine tasks.

We all know how important training, briefings and toolbox talks are to the safety of those working on site. Causeway Ermeo can help to ensure that these sessions are conducted as intended and that attendance is recorded. Causeway Ermeo includes functionality to deliver all the toolbox talk information to the site manager alongside the form to record completion and importantly, document all the team members who attended. This helps ensure that the entire team receives all the up to date information and reminders of health and safety best practice.

Causeway Ermeo can also help to improve reporting and analysis. For example, it can help increase the reporting of near misses by making it quick and simple to record these when they occur. These reports can then be used to identify trends and possible areas for improvement, which in turn can inform future training and briefings. As an example, if operatives are not staying on the defined safe paths around the site, it may be that signage needs to be improved or better explanations provided during induction sessions.

Sail through health and safety audits

Whether it is internal or external audits, it is essential to ensure that you can show full compliance with health and safety rules and best practice. One of the key advantages of the real-time functionality and simple communication offered by Causeway Ermeo is being able to correct issues before they become a problem. 

For instance, when important forms and documents such as daily site diaries or briefings are not completed – it can prove difficult to demonstrate health and safety compliance. With a real-time system such as Causeway Ermeo, towards the end of the working day, health and safety managers can look at all the completed forms across all sites and see where expected submissions are missing. They can then contact the relevant site mangers and prompt them to do so. Dashboards within Causeway Ermeo can also be used to clearly show where these tasks are overdue. These reminders can help to reinforce the habit of completing these processes and therefore reduce the number of interventions that health and safety managers need to make.

A further issue for health and safety audits is forms and documents, whether paper-based or digital, not being filed correctly or lost entirely. With Causeway Ermeo, all completed forms are stored securely in the cloud to eliminate this problem. The created documents can also be automatically filed into the correct folder within a document management system such as Causeway Docs or Microsoft SharePoint. This centralised storage means it is simple to access the information when required and also streamlines reporting, for a simpler audit process.

Reduce the time spent on health and safety administration

When using manual, paper-based or standalone digital systems, it can be time-consuming to try and extract any meaningful insights, and undertake useful analysis of health and safety procedures. Consequently, this process may not be regularly repeated.

In contrast, Causeway Ermeo has been designed to make analysis and reporting as easy as possible. The intuitive interface allows data to be viewed using different metrics and enables analysis to be carried out at different levels, from site-specific to the business as a whole. It also integrates fully with the data visualisation tool Microsoft Power BI for the simple creation of dashboards for ongoing monitoring.

In addition, Causeway Ermeo allows richer data to be gathered, ensuring analysis is as meaningful as possible. For example, it can capture the exact location where the forms are completed as well as photos for context and improved illustration of the issues. Causeway Ermeo also allows recommended actions to be recorded and the relevant person informed automatically.

Mobile workforce management systems such as Causeway Ermeo offer a powerful solution for the improvement of health and safety as well as the simplification of operational processes. 

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