Given the complexity of managing contracts on time and to budget, across a magnitude of projects, construction firms of all types and sizes are taking significant steps in their digital transformation by investing in the latest biometric-enabled construction software solutions.

Prestigious housebuilder Persimmon is the latest construction firm to invest in the Causeway Donseed biometric labour management software solution to support the management of live projects. The Causeway Donseed solution is at the forefront of the industry and continues to be implemented by many of the industry’s top-performing contractors and housebuilders.

Building over 16,000 beautifully-designed new homes a year in more than 380 prime locations nationwide, Persimmon is undoubtedly one of the UK's most successful housebuilders. The Group, headquartered in York, is made up of a network of 36 regional operational business right across the UK and can operate anywhere up to 90 construction projects at any one time.

Previously relying on traditional paper signing-in books on-site, Persimmon will initially roll-out the Causeway Donseed biometric solution across all projects managed by the operating business in Wales.

The Causeway Donseed biometric labour management software solution integrates advanced cloud-based technology with market-leading biometric identifiers to help construction firms monitor all aspects to reduce risk, maintain compliance and improve the profitability of construction projects. At the core of the solution is the ability to accurately record time and attendance on site but, once implemented, firms are also able to better manage health and safety conformance, track training certifications, manage subcontractor relations and much more, in real-time via the cloud.

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