The digital workforce is adapting to support agile working giving employees more flexibility and increasing productivity.

Causeway's design solutions are accessed via cloud based licensing to ensure engineers can access their design solutions wherever they are, whether working from home, travelling or hot desking. Once a license has been allocated in the cloud portal, the offline working mode means engineers can continue to work on projects even with intermittent internet connection ensuring no downtime.



Cloud access and subscription charging removes the operational costs associated with dongle license keys and importantly the risk associated with losing one. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of engineers driving dongles around or putting them in the post! Both are risky, unproductive and do not support flexible working practices.

Future thinking consultancies are adapting, and cloud-based licensing is integral to this. By ensuring engineers always have access to their design solutions any downtime is avoided helping ensure deadlines are met and client relationships remain stronger than ever.

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