Are you ready for Street Manager? Preparing for the Street Manager Launch 2020

What is in the webinar?

With the upcoming launch of Street Manager set for July 2020, we take the opportunity to look at what Street Manager means for you. This webinar identifies the primary differences between EToN6 and Street manager, and the implications on what you need to change to be prepared for the new legislation.

Benefits of watching the webinar:

  • Discover what Street Manager is and how it differs to EToN6
  • Understand the implications to maintenance contractors and how you can become compliant with the new legislation by July 2020
  • Realise the benefits of fully integrating Street Manager into your maintenance management solution.

Preparing you for Street Manager 2020

See how Street Manager is intrinsic to your maintenance management solution and not a burden of new digital requirements.



One of the biggest digital changes facing Highways and Utilities maintenance contractors is the introduction of Street Manager and new legislative compliance requirements this brings along.

Join this webinar as we demonstrate how Street Manager is part of your fully integrated Maintenance Management solution, automating the start and stop permitting to meet legislative requirements whilst increasing your workforce productivity.

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