eway The Power of Non-Contact Facial Recognition Technology

The Power of Non-Contact Facial Recognition Technology

Topics: Biometric Time and Attendance, Donseed

Dominant among the solutions enabling contractors of all sizes to better manage risk, labour and compliance is biometric technology, which can provide contractors with a complete view across all projects - whether access control is needed or not.

Since Causeway's acquisition of Donseed in January 2019, the well-established Aurora Construction and Security facial recognition technology is now fully part of the Causeway Donseed biometric solution. This IR facial recognition algorithm and technology functionality provides contractors with a non-contact, accurate and reliable way of identifying users as they enter site.

See our site deployment options in the short video below.

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We recently ran a free online webinar to provide an introduction to the Causeway Donseed non-contact facial recognition solution, including a background of how the IR technology works, answers to frequently asked questions, an overview of site deployment options and a walk-through of the powerful software application where your data is stored and available to view, real-time.

You can watch a recording of the webinar here.

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