In 2013, Forbes said Excel might be the "most dangerous software on the planet," and this is just as relevant today. Construction contractors are often working against such thin margins that the smallest error can put a huge dent in the bottom line. So it's surprising to learn that most construction firms still rely on spreadsheets for Cost Value Reconciliations (CVR). Adopting cost value reconciliation software can significantly reduce errors and improve financial accuracy, ultimately protecting those thin margins.


Why use software for cost value reconciliation?

Integrating technology into construction projects can substantially alleviate the cost management challenges that contractors often encounter, thereby improving financial management's efficiency and precision. Cost management software, tailored specifically for construction accounting, is essential for surpassing the limitations of traditional manual processes. It provides numerous advantages, enhancing both the effectiveness and accuracy of managing project costs. Traditional manual methods of handling CVR are making way for more sophisticated, efficient, and accurate solutions—enter Causeway Project Accounting (CPA).

What are the benefits of construction cost management software?

The construction sector has long wrestled with the complexities of managing project costs effectively. Specialised construction cost management software such as Causeway Project Accounting marks a monumental shift in how commercial managers, contract managers, and quantity surveyors approach cost value reconciliation. Here's why cost value reconciliation software isn't just an option but a necessity for construction projects aiming for precision and profitability.

Reducing Risks in Manual Data Entry and Calculations

Manual data entry is fraught with the risk of errors, which can lead to significant financial discrepancies. Causeway Project Accounting mitigates these risks by automating data capture and allocation, ensuring real-time monitoring of committed, accrued, and actual costs.

Increasing Efficiency through Automation

By streamlining data capture and cost allocation, Causeway Project Accounting significantly reduces the time spent generating CVR reports—from days to mere minutes. This efficiency is a game-changer for financial reporting in construction, providing real-time insights that are critical for timely decision-making. 

Enabling Business Scalability

The scalability of Causeway Project Accounting allows businesses to adapt and grow without being hindered by outdated or disjointed systems. Its capacity to handle projects of various sizes and complexities makes it an invaluable tool for any construction firm looking to expand its horizons.

Effectively Managing Construction Project Change

With Causeway Project Accounting, managing commercial variations becomes a seamless process. It enables a complete record of events—from on-site verbal instructions to final orders—bolstered by BoQ attachments and progress tracking. This comprehensive approach ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Improving Decision Making with Real-Time Data

The real-time project performance summary provided by Causeway Project Accounting's Project Workbench empowers commercial teams with invaluable insights into project profitability. The Project Workbench facilitates immediate access to value, costs, forecasts, and valuation data, enabling accurate decision-making.

Facilitating Better Communication Across Teams and Stakeholders

Causeway Project Accounting encourages a collaborative approach to project management by offering a coherent view of financial data across all projects. This enhanced oversight supports strategic project decision-making and fosters better communication amongst teams and with stakeholders.

Why Choose Causeway Project Accounting?

The advantages of Causeway Project Accounting extend beyond its technical capabilities. Designed for the intricate needs of the construction sector, Causeway excels where standard finance tools fall short. It offers a bridge between traditional finance systems and the specialised requirements of construction cost management.

Project Workbench
The real strength of Causeway lies in its Project Workbench, which brings the cost value reconciliation process to life with real-time visibility into project performance. Users can seamlessly navigate to forecasting and valuation views directly within the platform. Unlike traditional solutions that rely on manual data entry to offer a static snapshot of cost and value, Causeway Project Accounting dynamically captures labor, plant, material, and subcontract costs at the transactional level. It then compares these against both the original and post-tender adjusted budgets. This automated approach reduces the time required to produce a cost value reconciliation report by over 70%. For maximum flexibility Causeway also integrates into Power BI to create a bespoke view.
Causeway Project Accounting -  Construction Project Cost ManagementDashboardDetailed Cost Analysis

Offers complete visibility into project costs, allowing for better budget management and cost allocation.

Causeway Project Accounting - Construction Project Cost Analysis

Forecasting and Planning

Enables anticipation of project performance and manual adjustments for subcontractors, plants, and materials, ensuring projects stay on track.

Causeway Project Accounting - Construction Project Forecasting and Planning


Consolidates accrued and actual costs to provide total project value based on contractual rules, simplifying the valuation process.

Causeway Project Accounting - Valuations

Streamline Commercial Management Processes

Causeway Project Accounting is uniquely positioned to streamline commercial management processes in the construction industry. By reducing reliance on manual spreadsheets, integrating seamlessly with back-office financial solutions, and providing instant CVR reports, Causeway Project Accounting is setting a new standard for construction cost management.

A Partner in Construction's Future

For commercial managers, contract managers, and quantity surveyors looking for a comprehensive and efficient solution for handling CVR, Causeway Project Accounting is an unrivalled choice. Its powerful features, combined with the ability to manage different contract types and provide end-to-end integration, make it a foundational tool for modern construction financial management.

If you're ready to enhance your commercial management processes and gain a competitive edge in construction cost management, exploring Causeway Project Accounting is your next step, check out our on-demand cost and value management demonstration. Connect, manage, and thrive in the dynamic world of construction with Causeway Project Accounting at your side.

To learn more about how Causeway Project Accounting can transform your business operations, and to discover the breadth of services offered by Causeway, from estimating and tendering to supply chain and cost management, reach out today. Harness the power of real-time cost value reconciliation and secure your project's profitability with Causeway.

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