In the three months to the end of 2022, more than 20 new organisations have purchased Causeway Flow drainage design software. These new customers include several structural engineering businesses, a landscape architecture practice, a specialist drainage consultancy, an environmental consultancy and a local authority.

The majority of these new customers are replacing their legacy drainage design package with Causeway Flow. Many had been forced to look for alternatives and found Flow to be the obvious choice as a powerful end-to-end drainage design solution with flexible and cost effective licencing and intuitive functionality.

Among these new customers is structural and civil engineering specialist Engenuiti, which was looking for a flexible, cost effective and fully up to date drainage design solution to meet its evolving needs. Engenuiti wanted to ensure the business was future-proofed by embracing true digital transformation. Engenuiti had already identified a need to evaluate the drainage design solution. Firstly, making sure that its engineers had the best software to work with for improved productivity was a priority, which became more important as the business grew. The decision to review the drainage design software was also driven by the major changes its existing supplier was making. These changes meant the software would no longer be updated or supported.

During its latest recruitment drive, Engenuiti had hired a structural engineer who recommended Causeway Flow, having used it extensively in their previous role. Following a discussion and demonstration with Causeway, the Engenuiti team was impressed not only by the capabilities of Causeway Flow but also the product roadmap and plan for future developments. In addition, the flexible, cloud-based network licence model made it a more cost-effective option compared with its existing software.

Like Engenuiti, Sunderland City Council required a replacement for the now legacy software it was using for drainage design work. Sunderland City Council was originally introduced to Causeway Flow through Causeway’s initiative to support local authorities, which provided the council team with a free licence to review and audit drainage design submissions. When the council began looking at other options for its own design work it approached Causeway. Sunderland City Council subsequently purchased three Causeway Flow licences. The Causeway software migration experts provided support to the council’s in-house team throughout the transition to Causeway Flow and continue to do so since implementation.

In contrast to other customers who were already users of drainage design software, JMC Drain Consultants had been generating its design schemes longhand. However, as the business expanded and it won larger contracts, it became necessary to produce full simulations to satisfy approving authority requirements. JMC selected Causeway Flow, following a demonstration by Causeway’s in-house product experts, due to its intuitive interface and the flexible subscription model, which means no large upfront costs for the small business.

Causeway Flow is a powerful end-to-end hydraulic modelling solution for analysis and design of compliant and cost-effective storm and foul water drainage networks. Using a state-of-the-art hydraulic engine, Causeway Flow allows modelling that is accurate to real world conditions. It also fully supports Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) analysis and design.

Furthermore, Causeway’s flexible cloud licencing allows users to have simple and easy access when working remotely or from other offices. Once a license has been allocated in the cloud portal, the offline working mode ensures work can continue even if the internet connection is intermittent or not available.

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